Grieving During The Holidays

5 Ways to Help Yourself Cope and Heal During This Season The holidays are a time when we can feel a renewed sense of personal grief over the loss of a loved one or the end of an important relationship. Society encourages us to join in the holiday spirit, but the sounds, sights, and smells trigger memories that can overwhelm us […]

Getting a Divorce? Helpful Tips and Guidelines to Assist Your Kids

There can be such upheaval, emotional and physical, during the process of divorce for all family members. Here are some tips to assist your family and your kids, as you process and adjust to your new reality, and work to move forward in a positive way. 1. It is so important that kids have predictable and consistent rituals and routines […]

Honoring MLK: Overcoming the Stigma of Seeking Therapy

Written by: Jordan R. Yates, M.A. Mental health awareness has come a long way over the last couple of decades, establishing its own month of awareness (May), and becoming more normalized in everyday conversations, news outlets, and various other forms of mass media. Unfortunately, communities of color – that arguably have experienced disproportionate amounts of traumatic events in this country’s […]

Finding a Fitting Job While Having a Mental Illness

Image by: DeathtoStock To me, it feels like a common question that is asked and inadvertently has been set to “define” me is, “what do you do?” The question is always in reference to a job. Although, I could just say, “I wake up every morning and go to sleep every night.” But instead, I scrape together some answer that […]

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One During the Holidays

  As we approach the end of the year, the atmosphere seems to change: the air gets cooler; the lights seem brighter; and there tends to be a certain level of merriment. For some people, this time of the year also brings a sense of sorrow with it. It may be the first year without a loved one or following […]

All Arguments are not Created Equal

Arguments happen in all marriages, in fact they are necessary.  Conflicts  may arise because of  financial stresses, parenting issues and misunderstandings. Couples must face these daily disagreements in order to operate and function effectively.  However, there are forms of negativity in arguments that have been found to be more destructive or corrosive to a marriage than others.  Dr. Gottman, a noted researcher on marriage and the […]

Practicing Mindfulness

Chances are that in the past few weeks, you’ve heard at least one thing about “mindfulness” and how you should be practicing it. What exactly is mindfulness and what health benefits does it have to offer you? Mindfulness is merely tuning in to what you are feeling at any given time and maintaining that awareness. For example, while taking a […]

5 Ways to Ease Loneliness

Written by: Brittany Glaser, M.A., M.Div. There’s a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Opening Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook makes it feel like everyone else in our lives are busy taking beautiful pictures, making lovely food, or going to exotic places. Loneliness sets in when we feel disconnected, unwanted, or left out. It’s looking at those pictures and thinking […]

A Quick and Easy Technique to Improve Marital Communication

Do the arguments between you and your spouse quickly disintegrate into a heated battle without any chance of reaching a win/win conclusion?  Check to make sure that a harsh start up is not dooming you to failure. A harsh start up is when you or your spouse begins a discussion with a harsh or critical statement. This statement puts the receiver of the comment on the […]

Parent Tips for Managing Effects of 13 Reasons Why

With Netflix being one of the most common avenues for entertainment, 13 Reasons Why is quickly becoming a popular show among preteens and teens right now. The series, 13 Reasons Why, is an adaptation of Jay Asher’s popular novel. It depicts a young girl who struggles with bullying and sexual assault and records a series of cassette tapes for the […]