The Power of Therapy

There are a lot of reasons that people choose to seek counseling. The benefits of counseling can be unending, but sometimes making the first appointment can be hard. Maybe you’re thinking about whether it would be helpful, but are not sure if it’s for you. Let’s talk about some of the reasons counseling can help and why it can be […]

What "Inside Out" can teach your kids about emotions

If you haven’t taken your kids to see Inside Out, or if they saw it without you, run (don’t walk) to your nearest movie theater and see it immediately.  The movie has only been out a week and I’ve already used it multiple times in sessions with kids who saw it.  Every child I’ve seen this week has connected with […]

Recovering from Miscarriage

Every day couples across the world hope and pray for babies. Women take their basal body temperature, track their ovulation, and take injections with the hope and desire to see those two beautiful lines from their home pregnancy test. Creating babies is the original medical miracle that has been happening since Adam and Eve. Sadly, one in every 5 pregnancies […]

The Cost of Not Caring  

As my wife Cathy and I are on our final descent into San Francisco, I cannot help but feel the irony of seeing the Golden Gate Bridge off the right side of our plane and knowing that it is not only a shining symbol of opportunity but equally is the single most frequented spot that we as Americans choose to […]

Understanding and Treating PTSD

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), regardless of its cause, takes a heavier toll than it is widely known on the mind and behavior of its victims. PTSD sufferers feel, think and behave as in a state of prolonged, and for some even unending, stress reaction. This disorder of the mind strikes after a traumatic event has disrupted a person’s life. Immediately […]

Loss and Recovery

Written by: Max Merritt, M.A. The great H. Norman Wright once wrote that the most important element in recovering from loss is to remain connected to other people.  This has no doubt been even more difficult if you have experienced a loss due to COVID-19 where some have not been able to reconnect with others at all.  Not only has […]

The Path to Reconciliation

Written by: Alice D. Hoag, Ed.D. “I’m sorry. I was wrong. Please forgive me.” These words are often cited as facilitating the process of forgiveness. While helpful, they are woefully inadequate when attempting a reconciliation in the face of serious wounding and betrayal, such as infidelity and/or abuse. When an individual has been betrayed, their world turns upside down, their […]

Addressing Our Grief Over COVID-19

Written by: Janie Hortman, M.A. Needless to say, there has been major changes in our world in the past month. We are all going to adjust and come terms with COVID-19 at different times and different levels. For instance, do you look outside your window and still question why people are out? Do you question for yourself is it safe […]

Helping Siblings Cope

When a child is first diagnosed with cancer, the parent’s focus is inevitably on getting their child the care and treatment they need.  This focus continues through treatment and can last months or even years.  It is a very natural and logical thing for parents to do and no one would argue that it is the right thing to do, […]

Repressed Memories: Fact or Fiction?

Written by: Rebecca L. Marshall, Ph.D.   Do our brains protectively block our own recall of memories of traumatic experiences?  Repressed memories are thought to be blocked from one’s conscious awareness due to a high level of stress or trauma associated with the forgotten experience.  The validity of repressed memories – also referred to as dissociative amnesia or psychogenic amnesia […]