Specific Vegetation Extracts Acknowledged That Considerably Delay Growing old Effects in Yeast

New research in Canada features identified place extracts formulated with the six to eight best groups of age-defying molecules actually observed in advance of. The effects have been observed in purge yeast, but they may well produce comparable effects found in humans to boot. Gaining the capability to lessen the pace of and possibly turnaround for the ageing approach will […]

Repressed Memories: Fact or Fiction?

Written by: Rebecca L. Marshall, Ph.D.   Do our brains protectively block our own recall of memories of traumatic experiences?  Repressed memories are thought to be blocked from one’s conscious awareness due to a high level of stress or trauma associated with the forgotten experience.  The validity of repressed memories – also referred to as dissociative amnesia or psychogenic amnesia […]

Stuck On Wide Open: The Hidden Dangers of Emotional Dysregulation

Emotional regulation, or the ability to manage one’s emotions, is perhaps the most dramatically visible and the prototypical feature of human personality. Many people appear to be mostly in command of their emotions at critical moments, while others appear to be particularly (and sometimes explosively) reactive to environmental and interpersonal challenges. In general, affective or emotional instability, inordinate bursts of […]

World Bipolar Day 2018

Vincent van Gogh – Self-Portrait, who was thought to have suffered from Bipolar Disorder. Happy Day to us, living with Bipolar Disorder! Today is the day to celebrate those of us who fight, strive, struggle, thrive, last and live through each and every day, no matter how hard and no matter how difficult these days may be. I remember writing […]

Managing “Scanxiety”

Written by: Rebecca L. Marshall, Ph.D. The term “scanxiety” commonly refers to the anxiety, worry, and fear associated with post-treatment follow-up imaging.  A follow-up MRI or CT scan months to years after enduring cancer treatment can lead to overwhelming feelings of anxiety in anticipation of the imaging results.  One of the reasons for such anxiety is that parents and children […]

Pretty Much None of us In The Anyone.S. Potential customers A Healthy Lifestyle

  Only 2.9 percent about U.Lenses. adults reached the four significant metrics of life a healthy lifestyle . . . abstaining from smoking, dining well, training and maintaining health fat percentage – reported by a frustrating new go through. The study's lifestyle standards for well being weren't mainly high. Becoming smoke-free, exercising sparingly and taking USDA endorsed foods are not […]

Navigating Through Grief

The Holidays are here, in the midst of the hustle sometimes we need to stop and reflect on all the emotions stirring within us. As we focus on hanging the stockings with care and finding the perfect gift for our loved ones, we might need to gift ourselves a little self-care. The holiday season often times draws out various emotions […]

Engagement – NOT The Ring-Giving Kind!

When we hear the word “engagement” in the context of a marriage relationship, we usually think about that memorable occassion where a guy gives a girl a ring to start the whole matrimonial process!  But what happens when the couple gets “engaged,” gets married, gets on with life, has a house and 2.3 children???  Are they still “engaged”?  For many […]

Caring for the Whole Person: Mind, Body and Emotions

Humans are multi-faceted creatures. With our minds, we make rational decisions, solve problems and form ideas. With our emotions, we feel our way through life. And our bodies are the vehicle we use to express our thoughts and emotions. When one of these systems gets off balance, the others don’t quite work as well either. If our body is ill […]

The Art of Saying No

Growing up, my swim coach always said, “Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.” It’s a phrase, for me, that has translated beyond the pool and into my everyday life. Recently, for me, that phrase has gone hand in hand with saying no. Life throws so many choices, decisions, options, and opportunities at you and it can feel blurry to navigate how […]