Starting Your Year Off Right

With a new year comes a clean slate and high expectations. Losing weight, being more organized, whatever it is you aim for, it’s probably not an easy goal to meet. Once you start trying to meet them, it’s easy to quickly become overwhelmed and discouraged. Here are a few simple ways to stay positive and keep yourself on track. Be […]

How Good Arguments Are Good For Your Health and Can Save Your Marriage

What makes a good marriage last? According to the best evidence provided by case studies and well-documented research (most prominent that of Dr. John Gottman), the best chances of success are within marriages where the spouses can provide a safe haven for each other and a secure base from which to face the world together. Among others, a crucial skill […]

Reaching Out to Estranged Family Members

Relationships of all kinds are messy. In a friendship or a dating relationship, we simply “break up”. It’s painful but since we have rarely have to see the person, it’s easier to move on. In families, this looks completely different. When a familial relationship gets cut off for whatever reason, it never really goes away. There will always be special […]

Marriage: Beating the Odds

Most recently I have found myself reflecting on the sacredness of marriage. At the center of my home is my parents’ wedding picture.  It is an ever-present reminder to my family of the central value and purpose of marriage. In America where the latest divorce rate is 41% for first marriages, 60% for second marriages, and 73% for third marriages, […]