The Power of Therapy

There are a lot of reasons that people choose to seek counseling. The benefits of counseling can be unending, but sometimes making the first appointment can be hard. Maybe you’re thinking about whether it would be helpful, but are not sure if it’s for you. Let’s talk about some of the reasons counseling can help and why it can be […]

Stuck On Wide Open: The Hidden Dangers of Emotional Dysregulation

Emotional regulation, or the ability to manage one’s emotions, is perhaps the most dramatically visible and the prototypical feature of human personality. Many people appear to be mostly in command of their emotions at critical moments, while others appear to be particularly (and sometimes explosively) reactive to environmental and interpersonal challenges. In general, affective or emotional instability, inordinate bursts of […]

Court Locates GMA Guilty of Illegitimate Shenanigans, Monsanto Has A Brand new Immunity Motorcycle rider, And Two Significantly more Academics Outed Like ‘Fronts’

which specifically preempts states’ legal rights to create their GMO food tags laws, your U.S. Senate decided not to get the 40 votes needed to move the invoice forward. Crafted by simply Senate Agriculture Committee Ceo Pat Roberts, Us senate bill Vertisements.26091 (which is comparable to HR 1599, gone the House of Specialists last August) would demand Agriculture Agency to […]

3 Reasons for Premarital Counseling

Written by: Troy Law, M.A. Often when you find that special person that you are ready to marry ‘until death do you part,’ you’ll have plenty of input from others. Many of your friends and family will be telling you what they think of your future spouse and giving you advice on what not to do in your marriage. Although […]

What "Inside Out" can teach your kids about emotions

If you haven’t taken your kids to see Inside Out, or if they saw it without you, run (don’t walk) to your nearest movie theater and see it immediately.  The movie has only been out a week and I’ve already used it multiple times in sessions with kids who saw it.  Every child I’ve seen this week has connected with […]

Postpartum Depression: A Survivor's Story

One in five women will experience Postpartum Depression. In my doula training, we all discussed that we think that number might be higher, closer to one in four. Postpartum Depression is a condition that people are generally aware of but few understand.  I experienced Postpartum Depression after I gave birth to my daughter. No one warned me that I would feel […]

I’m Bored: Does This Mean I’m Stressed?

Boredom, like pain, is an entirely subjective experience mediated by personality, needs, wants, past history and contingent upon one’s perceptions of the experience, and thus very difficult to describe with precision and quantify. The state of boredom has been variously described as a dullness of the mind, mental inertia, sloth, or ennui. Its characteristic features are a lack of interest […]

This Yummy Herb Is likely to be Why All of the Italians Live So very long

by Yagana Shah: There's simply something with regards to Italy… In Acciaroli, Italy, an online village of only a few a multitude people : if that a number of – there's a simple staggering volume of centenarians – 400 – and also experts don't think it's a chance. That's why scientists from the College of Colorado, San Diego additionally, the […]

The Struggle is Real: Sex

Written by: Kellie Gwaltney, M.A. The beginning of a romantic relationship, and often the “honeymoon” stage of a marriage, abounds with passion. A person feels “butterflies” when near their partner, their thoughts turn to their partner frequently and with a daydream-like quality, they just want to be with their partner, talk with their partner, and touch their partner. Over time, […]

Recovering from Miscarriage

Every day couples across the world hope and pray for babies. Women take their basal body temperature, track their ovulation, and take injections with the hope and desire to see those two beautiful lines from their home pregnancy test. Creating babies is the original medical miracle that has been happening since Adam and Eve. Sadly, one in every 5 pregnancies […]